Other Stuff I Do: Contributing Blogger for Telly Visions

As some of you might be aware, besides this disorganized, weird and wonderful blog I’ve created for my own pleasure, I also contribute to PBS affiliate WETA’s British TV and culture blog, Telly Visions.  There I mostly write reviews, recaps and miscellaneous articles of British entertainment interest.

My most recent post was a review of the film Cuban Furywhich was released on DVD in the US…

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Further Proof of The British Invasion: American Commercials

Fifteen years ago US television viewers were introduced to this little Cockney reptile…

The campaign must have been fairly successful because the Geico Gecko still pops up in the insurance company’s commercials from time to time. Never mind the fact many Americans thought he was supposed to be Australian, people seemed to like the…

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Who Did It Best? Telly Shopkeepers

Welcome back to my Who Did It Best series. If you recall last time we talked about telly butlers. Fifty-two percent of those who participated in my poll voted Downton Abbey’s Mr. Carson as the one who did it best, followed by the “other” category at twenty-four percent. I assume from the comments people offered, “other” includes Mr. Hudson from the original Upstairs, Downstairsand Magersfontein…

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Quintessential British Names Part 2: The Blokes

As promised I’m back with the second half of my quirky names series. I will admit I had a more difficult time compiling a list of unusual male British names. The traditional ones like James, John, Tom, Robert, Steve, etc. are still popular on both sides of the pond. Not unknown in the States, but heard less often, are names such as Martin, Simon, Hugh and the even more rare, Clive.

Below are five…

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The Reality of Pub Quizzes

Anglophiles United at our "local" pub quiz Image Credit Laurie Frashure

Anglophiles United at our “local” pub quiz
Image Credit Laurie Frashure

As you may know I occasionally report on the activities of my Anglophile group, cleverly named Anglophiles United. This week a large contingent of our membership hit the road in hopes of experiencing an authentic British pub quiz. This outing was educational in scope and the fact that alcohol was freely available had nothing…

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Who Did It Best? Telly Butlers

As you know, when I watch telly it’s more than just for entertainment purposes. I take what I see and formulate impressions and opinions about culture in the UK.  As a step forward in my education, I have put together a number of  head to head (to head) competitions so that you, the readers, can tell me which is the best representation of a particular profession, institution, etc.

Our first…

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Quintessential English Names Part 1: The Ladies

I’ve always been fascinated by names – the tradition of generations, the culturally identifying aspects, the expression of what parents hope their children will be and sometimes the apparent whimsy of it all.

Take me for example – my name is Carmen despite the fact that I have not a drop of Latina blood in me. This has been a source of stereotyping and ethnic confusion numerous times in my life.…

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