Lessons I Learned from Watching BAFTA Nominated Dramas – Southcliffe

Whenever the BAFTA television nominations come out, I’m always quite interested. I’m curious to see if what I like has been nominated, of course, but also I use them to identify shows from the past year that may have missed my notice. I’ve compiled a must-watch list and most of them are dramas so I decided to focus on that genre for this series of posts. I’m not nearly done watching and already I…

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Five Reasons to Watch Holy Flying Circus

It is pure coincidence that while Easter approaches and the theaters are full of religious themed films from Noah to Heaven Is for Real to God’s Not Dead I have chosen to discuss a film about the debate that took place back in 1979 concerning whether or not Monty Python’s Life of Brian was a blasphemous movie that should be banned.

You know the one. Blessed are the cheesemakers, the crucifixion…

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British BFFs in New York Pre-Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan

As Sirs Stewart and McKellan prepare to take their leave of the Big Apple, they have apparently tweeted out over a dozen photos that will save the NYC Tourist Board a fortune in advertising.  They’ve traveled from Wall Street to Coney Island, enjoying the total out-of-towner experience, corny poses and all.

Liberty! #gogodididonyc 14 shows left! http://t.co/oP5PdOvkDE
Patrick Stewart…

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Things That Make Me Sad – Michael Socha on American TV


I posted this back in October, but after noticing that Michael Socha was trending on Facebook today, I figured I needed to bring my objections up again…

Originally posted on Everything I Know about the UK… I Learned from the BBC:

While channel surfing the other evening, I saw something that made me stop mid-click.

ABC’s Once Upon a Time in…

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My Newest Favorite Telly Fool – Count Arthur Strong

In honor of April Fool’s Day, I wanted to introduce you to my latest comedy find. Not exactly a fool perhaps, this gentleman is more of a delightfully deluded OAP.

A relic from the heyday of variety shows, septuagenarian Count Arthur Strong (Steve Delaney) is something of a legend in his own mind. Always on the lookout for a comeback or just a captive audience, he has a hilariously eccentric way…

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A Century of British Nursing

Medical staff from Getting On                                 Image credit BBC

                     Medical staff from Getting On                    Image credit BBC

Lately I’ve discovered a few shows which examine the daily lives of those in the nursing profession, namely Casualty 1907/1909 and Getting On. Though the former is a drama set in the actual Royal London Hospital and the latter a sitcom based in two fictional establishments (King Edward VIII and St Jude’s),…

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Lessons I Learned From Watching Stella

Seeing as I’m a fan of Ruth Jones’ Gavin and Stacey, when I discovered she’d penned another show set in her homeland of Wales I was eager to give it a go as well.  Jones plays the title character, Stella Morris, a single mum and the calm voice of reason amongst her eccentric friends and family. She tries to see the bright side of things and that’s saying quite a lot since her oldest child Luke is…

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Things That Make Me Happy – Milk Delivered to Your Door

I was reading a British novel the other day (The Truth by Michael Palin, if you’re curious about my taste in books) and the narrator mentioned hearing the hum of the milk float outside his North London home.

This sentence brought back one of the fondest memories of my time in London – finding milk in glass bottles waiting on the doorstep each morning.

Milk  Image credit Telegraph.co.uk

Image credit Telegraph.co.uk

It was…

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